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Pirates of Treasure Island; Treasure, not yet lifted.

I have backed a new kickstarter from the happy chaps at, and this one is close to my heart as it is a range of miniatures based on an influential adventure tale.

‘Treasure Island’ the Robert Lewis Stevenson literary classic has one of the best opening lines, drawing you into what becomes a ‘gripping Yarn’ of adventure on the high seas and pirate treasure.

Long John Silver and Cabin boy Jim Hawkings

We have all heard of, Long John Silver and Captain Flints Gold, as well as Young Jim Hawkings the Cabin Boy, and now we can have them in 28mm miniature.

Blind Pew, Squire Trelawney and Tom Morgan

This set of Hand sculpted miniature look very good and for me its the character of the sculpts that make them so interesting, each of these deserve to have there own names, and they do! each based on a characters form the novel as well as extras the ‘The toughest old salts’ who are based on the non named personalities.

Ben Gunn, Dr Livesey and Billy Bones

These are presented as ‘greens’ the bare sculpts but will be cast in fine pewter.

More photo of the these miniatures can be found at;

I Will be very happy to get my hands on and paint brush to these miniatures and hope you will join me in supporting this Kickstarter.

Now I’m wondering, weather to use them in a diorama of Treasure Island or come up with a adventure scenario for a table top game, I love it when miniature inspire me to be creative in my hobby.


The death of painting Or painting death?!

So it has been a fare while since I posted the ramblings of my challenged mind here in blog land!

As we all know life gets in the way and even though it didn’t kill my hobby, it certainly slowed it down and made it difficult to write about my projects.

Here I am, back to breathe on the embers and rekindle the flames of a project. To bring life back or should I say undead back?!!

This is a themed army I have wanted to tackle for a long time and here are its humble beginnings. I chose a  ‘Start Collecting’ box from Games Workshop, the Malignant force of foul spirts.

This was a perfect box as the basic theme was- Ghosts and Skeletons, I wanted a simple clean idea that would lend its self to focusing me on a project and not distract me. This meant no Ghouls, Vampires nor Zombies.

The above Mortis Engine came together nicely (if not quickly) and has been my first adventure into using magnets. I felt that part assembly was needed with this miniature to make the painting process easier and magnetising same parts would aid this.

You can also see that the ghost theme swiftly started to show, with the first brush of colour. This was simple a heavy wash of Nihilakh Oxide over a sprayed white primer.

I liked this for its quick technique and instant effect, soon to be followed by some watered down Coeliacs Green Shade  into some of the deeper crevice and later once fully try, a dry brush of white to give a uneven high light of the spirts features.

Quick to paint (and surprisingly good looking) there are still a few details to tackle but I believe this is a great start of  a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar force of Death and a release of the foul tortured spirts that have held my painting time captive.

Leading the Cult of Red

My Khorne Daemonkin army was always going to have units of cultists, fitting the ‘Cult of Red’ theme, this providing both, an opportunity to paint some cultist and to add a character to them. But what character?
I wanted the character to fit the Khorne Cult theme and to add some sort of bonus to the unit of cultists.

So I laboured over codex Daemon/ Chaos Space Marine and Khorne Daemonkin, soon dismissing Kharn the Betrayer, as an obverse choice and  I didn’t want the armies theme to start leaning towards World Eaters.
I thought about a Cultist Champion carrying a Totem to represent a Khorne Herald, stood in amongst the cultists summoning waves of Bloodletters, but this was not how I wanted to play the cultist in game.
Then I came across Skulltaker; who just seemed to fit straight away. He instils Fearless to the cultists he joins, meaning I could sprint them forward as a blood sacrifice and it make sense Skulltaker joins a unit, for he has only two wounds.

I would rapidly move Skulltaker up with a cultists screen and have him charge into combat. This would be the ideal aim, fitting the ‘Cult of Red’ theme, perfectly.

But how to model this character, I had already used the Skulltaker miniature for a conversion on a Juggernaut and didn’t want to use the model again!
So, some sort of Cult magus or Blood Champion with skull trophies?! I wondered.

Then Eureka! A Cult Pack Master or Slave Driver. Whipping the cult into a fevered frenzy ready for battle and advancing the cause of the Cult.

Now the concept was coming to form and after a lengthy search through my hobby stash, I found the perfect model.
The Warhammer: Age of Sigmar box set has some very nice character miniatures; one of these is the Bloodstoker.

Bloodstokers whip and skull motif on his shoulder and hair, was exactly what a wanted.

Just need more skulls to complete the look, after all his name is Skulltaker!

So the addition of hanging skulls from the Waithmongers box set, next skulls cut from the back banners of the same kit, were used to as additional trophies.

Using a knife I cut a grove out of the back of the skulls this enabling me to slide them on.
Adding extra skulls on to the whip, plated hair and the harpoon weapon.

Once glued in place the back of the skull were filled in with green stuff modelling putty, so the skull looked like they had been threaded onto the whip and braids, as well as having the harpoon skewer them.

I was very pleased with result and this lead to the quick painting this miniature and sort of reward to myself for painting twenty cultists.

The Cult of Red Continues.

Khorne Daemonkin army has been my go-to force for gaming over the few months. One reason, of course is it is fun to play (the blood tide points, creating a little narrative for my games) but the main reason has been this is an army I have made progress with and now it looks very impressive on the table top.

Most of the army was build very quickly and with miniatures from my hobby stash. Making this the perfect ‘Get it done’ project, so painting them quick was just as important.
The progress of this army has been faster than other armies I have collected, so what made this project different?
First was the approach I took with my painting, keeping the method simple. Using the dry brush method rather than slower layering method.

khorne skin
A top tip on using a Shade or a wash method; change the size of brush for the size of the miniature or area you are covering. You need to fully load the brush with shade, to be able to generously cover the model. This is very difficult if you are using a small brush over a large monster.

The skin has been made easier as Games Workshop has bought back some of their coloured sprays (which should be here to stay)
In the interim, I have been spraying black and using a base coat brush to apply this main colour. Mephiston Red (not Khorne Red, I wanted a slightly lighter red)
Then simply dry brush over this base of Mephiston Red with the Dry paint Ryza Rust (or you could use the new Astorath Red dry) apply not too heavy, just enough to bring out the details and not too much as to change or lighten the red base colour.

photo (9)
A close up of the Bloodletters skin after the wash had dried.

The final and most satisfying step is the wash, using Carroburg Crimson and a brush large enough to soak the miniature with the shade.

Khorne bronze glaze
Khorne bronze armour effect.

Another slightly different, but still simple technique; was the effect over the armour.
The idea was to enhance the bronze armour without having to spend a long time highlighting.
Armour- Warplock Bronze base
Washed multiple times with Bloodletter Glaze, liberally apply the Glaze (making sure it doesn’t  pool
too heavily in lower areas) , the key here is to let this wash fully dry and apply the Glaze again, do this a number of times to gain the desired effect.

I have enjoyed these techniques and love the quick results they have helped me achieve.

Ork Shooting Dice

In a previous post I spoke of, little spark of ideas. One such gem, I wanted to tell you about was; Ork shooting dice.
Let me explain! Simply it is a scatter die that has two hit symbols, representing a Ork ‘to hit’ roll of 5’s and 6’s and four arrows showing the direction of all the shoots that missed their targets, the rolls of 1’s to 4’s.

I found this amusing and it has become a common joke with other Ork collectors I have spoken to.

ork shooing dice
After a rummage through my gaming supplies, I found more large scatter dice than I was expecting!

Then came, the challenge! A friend suggested I should start an Ork army as soon I had enough ‘Ork shooting dice’ for the maximum shoots from the biggest possible Ork unit.

We joked and mused over how many dice was needed; out of thirty Ork shooter Boyz, one would be the Nob with 1 shot Slugga, three Orks with Big Shootas so 9 dice, so that left twenty six Boyz firing 2 shoota shots each so ….err!
This meant to roll all the dice in one big handful, I needed  53 dice of one colour for the strength 4 Shoota/sluga and 9 dice of a different colour for the strength 5 Big Shootas! Meaning 62 Dice in all.

This felt it was possible to collect that many ‘large’ scatter dice (the ones from the Warhammer and 40K starter boxes)
It would take some time and would be a funny topic to bring up when talking to fellow Ork collectors.

This all changed, as one day a friend handed me a small bag, on opening it I discover around forty large scatter dice! Adding these to the dice I already had in my collection and there was more than enough for the challenge to be done and no excuse for me not to start an Ork army!!

Ork Scatter die with instructions
If you want to make your own ‘Ork Shooting Dice’ copy the above image and follow the instructions.

The Anchor and Deckhands: Ork Scrap Ship Additions

There are lots of ideas for new addition to Kaptin Badrukk’s Scrap Ship, some obverse and others a little wacky! My aim is to try and keep these themed.

Now to one of the missing features is; The Anchor.
It needed to be a heavy lump of with a think metal chain.
Some sort of scrap metal vehicle being dragged along the side of the ship, which could be winch up on to the stern of the ship.
I also wanted people to realise it was an Anchor, so a chain attached to a rust Space Marine Rhino wasn’t the look I wanted.
After some contemplation of which kits to use, I finally settled on a Space Marine Landspeeder. It seemed to have the right shape I was looking for.

ork ship anchor concepts
I started building the kit and adding some ‘Orky’ bitz, using the sketches I make, to aid me. As you can see its was starting to look ‘Looted’

However I really needed some chain and it needed to be the correct size to fit the scale and look heavy.
I found the right size chain for the job, 1.8mm diameter Nickel plated Decorative chain, and I pick it up at Homebase (UK Home and Garden store)

ork ship anchor construction
Attaching the chain to the anchor proofed to be a head scratcher!

I felt the solution for the chain has kept within the theme and was achieved with a little bit of green stuff modelling putty and small amount of sculpting.

Grot and Gretchin have been summoned out of the ships sails by the Ork Mek, these are some old miniatures I’ve had in a box gathering dust.

Mek and Grots
Mek on deck, awaiting his Deckhand to do the grunt work, or should I say ‘Grot’ work!

Dungeon Saga Review and Play Through.

So the reason for the change in format (I do not normally write reviews or publish play throughs)
A friend at my local Gaming club, had join this particular Kick-starter from Mantic Games
So when Dungeon Saga arrived last week, he opened the tome of a box, which looks like an old book of magic, that would sit perfectly on a bookshelf.

The continence revelled, a host of Hero and monster miniatures, many dungeon tile pieces and gaming accessories (doors, treasure chests, etc) as well as gaming cards for the scenarios.

The miniature are of a good quality, for board  game standard and are made from a soft rubbery plastic, very different to the hard plastic used in Mantic’s other products.
The look of the miniature is good and they have captured the creepy dungeon feel well.
My first thought was; how would I paint these miniatures? Starting with the skeletons and zombies would be my choice.

photo (8)
Mantic Games: Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest

The tiles that form the dungeon playing area and provide the story bounties of the game, which is important to mention! as the game is very tactical with a  cooperative element between the heroes but the narrative driven from the scenarios is the most unique part of this game.

To give urgencies to the monster threat in the quest, the Overlord player has a set number of cards to play; these are the timer for the heroes to complete this step on their Saga.
It really dose start to feel like an adventure too, with the first 2 scenarios set up to show you how the game play works. First moving and combat, using the Barbarian and Dwarf Heroes, the second shooting and magic of the Elf and Mage.

dungeon saga1
The third scenario ‘Well Met’ brings all four heroes together.

Here the heroes start divided in different parts of the dungeon, the Elf and Mage in narrow corridors facing piles of bones that can reanimate at the command of the Overlord. In another part of the catacombs, the Barbarian and Dwarf fight their way past skeleton warriors and the threat of more piles of bones!
The aim to find their way to the sealed room of zombies, brake in and escape via the magically locked door.

dungeon saga2
The need to survive and the rush to meet up with the other characters provides great narrative.

Once we had joined as an adventuring force the real challenge began, to enter the locked room of zombies!  The only thing that would have made this more thrilling; would have been, if we didn’t know what was in the locked room!
Once to treasure crest was opened by the Mage, revealing a healing potion and the door smashed down by the Barbarian, the end was close.

dungeon saga3
The cooperative play element really come though, in the final stages of the game.

The elf aimed and fired its bow from well outside of the room, the Dwarf stood on a pile of bones preventing the Overlord raising a new skeleton and smashed down another defending the entrance.
The Barbarian held of the rush of zombies making furious attacks in a last heroic fight, as the Mage made a run for the door bound by magic and use a spell to breaking the seal. These last acts of brawn, magical abilities and cooperation lead to the escape of all the Heroes and a dramatic conclusion to our adventure.

All in all, a satisfying game, with suspense, group tactics and good looking miniatures.

A strong recommendation from myself and a small group of avid collectors and gamers.

Ork Pirate Scrap Ship: Very First Scribbles.

Let me take you back to the beginning, show you how this project came into being and talk a bit about how it progress.

So this has been a major project for me, starting with a spark of an idea years ago, around the time Warhammer 40.000: Apocalypse first came out.

The concept of massive battles with huge vehicles and walkers (Baneblades and Stompas) really inspired me. It is also worth saying I was, in no small way influenced by the Ork Submergible that appeared in the Apocalypse book.

I remember building the Stompa kit and thinking about the possibilities with all the parts and how they went together.
I allowed my imagination to run away with its self and found myself doodling on the instructions as the ideas come into the forefront of my mind.

The first scribbles of the thoughts in my head, drawn on the Ork Stompa instructions.
The first scribbles of the thoughts in my head, drawn on the Ork Stompa instructions.

These drawings/ Scribbling were filled away with the left over bits of the Stompa and were not seen again for years.
However the inspiration and idea was never lost and a spark would flare every once in a while when I’d see an amazing Painted Ork miniature or a mad Ork vehicle converted from many other kits.

Bad Ork bomber, one of the Deff Skwadron featured on Nick Bayton's Amies on Parade display 2015
Mad Ork bomber, one of the Deff Skwadron featured on Nick Bayton’s Amies on Parade display 2015

When this spark re-accrued it normally meant adding a new handful of parts to my bits box, this soon stopped being a small tin and evolved to a large cardboard box.
I added to this box little but frequently, in my head seeing it as more of a treasure chest of goodies, a bounty to be used one day (the Pirate theme had taken hold)

Small idea world appear, as a solution to a problem like; how to create the Ships Sails? And another few valuable pieces of plastic would be added to the box.

Concept drawings of how I wanted the Ships Sails to look.
Concept drawings of how I wanted the Ships Sails to look.

It is important to say, at no point during this time was I building, painting or even thinking about an Ork army!! just how amazing an Ork Pirate Scrap land ship, would be!!!

Seeing Red with Khorne

It is never a good feeling when you decide to stop work on a project but in this case I am making the best decision; to abandon on amazing idea, in favour of one that is achievable in the time frame and enables me to still bring a project to a conclusion, in time for Armies on Parade #ArmiesonParade 24th October ’15)

Following my Ork Pirate Scrap Ship was always going to be difficult, but the amazing idea of Ogres, Ghosts and skeleton, has now been noted and filed away.

So to bring out a project, that has not been finished and give it the care and attention it deserves.
I decided my Khorne Daemonkin army, with painted Bloodletters, Fleshhounds, Khorne Chaos bikers and Demon Prince.
Leaving An’ggrath the unbound (who was base coated red) the display board to finish and a few basses to texture.

Khorne Daemonkin Army with Electric Blue spot detail on swords and energy weapons.
Khorne Daemonkin Army with Electric Blue spot detail on swords and energy weapons.

There is a lot of red and I thought I may tired of painting so much Red (by the way I used Mephiston Red as the base coat, instead of Khorne Red as you might expect)But I managed to blitz though many miniatures but using the Base/Dry Brush/ Shade method.

My Khorne Demon Price (old Bloodthirster metal miniature)
My Khorne Demon Price (old Bloodthirster metal miniature)

I am practically happy with The Demon Prince, not because of the way it’s painted but more that it is finished. It is the old Bloodthirster miniature; I have had as ‘Lead under the bed’ for years. Now built and painted, it is demoted to Demon Prince as the new plastic Bloodthirster is double the size the of old medal one.

Golden's Crackle Paste thickly applied and left to dry over night, undercoated black, including the cracks, over brushed with Doombull Brown leaving the cracks black.
Golden’s Crackle Paste thickly applied and left to dry over night, undercoated black, including the cracks, over brushed with Doombull Brown leaving the cracks black.

The board came together very easily; the main feature is the cracked earth. This was created by using Golden’s Crackle Paste.  This is a plaster like medium that you can spread across scenery and after a few hours of drying, the medium cracks (similar to the paint Agrellan Earth) the thinker you layer on the paste the larger the cracks.

Nearly finished display #ArmiesonParade (24th October '15)
Nearly finished display
#ArmiesonParade (24th October ’15)

This worked well for the desolate Daemon World look I was attempting and with the addition of Martian Iron Earth, the desired result was complete.

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